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Improve the experience for them.
they'll increase profits for you. 

At Mede Consulting, we believe the road to business success leads down two paths; Employess and Customers. We help you establish a culture that empowers employees, establishes mutual respect and inspires genuine loyalty and a desire to prioritize guest experience at every level. To create an uncommonly customer-centric culture that brings with it spontaneous and enthusiastic word of mouth marketing from customers ; raising the company's reputation, reviews, revenue and overall asset value.

a culture that inspires loyalty


Engaged employees carry a sense of "ownership" and pride like work is their home. They become genuinely welcoming and attentive, anticipating customer's needs and maintaining "their" facility in photo-ready presentation.
This culture of care permeates from the management through front desk, the kitchen, even housekeeping and maintenance staff.

When employee empowerment and guest experience replace revenue as primary values in the culture of a hotel, resort or restaurant, customer  satisfaction travels through word- of-mouth marketing channels as well as on-line through sites such as Trip Advisor to build reputation, reviews and revenue.

Increased Revenue and asset value follow the prioritizing of the employee and guest experience.
  • We engage your employees improving productivity

  • Create advocates out of customers: increasing occupancy and reducing marketing costs

  • Enhance the technology experience for staff and guests

  • Convert Managers to Leaders 

  • Reduce turnover, reducing costs and establishing a stable productive team.

  • Increase customer retention and reduce churn, reducing marketing costs

  • Improve ratings and reviews leading to greater revenues and the ability to maintain or increase price points 

  • Reduce expenses and increase revenue improving profitability  

Norbert Mede:

With 30 years in the hospitality industry including hotels, resorts, restaurants and spas, he has refined the meaning of experiential service and how to apply this level to all industries that interact with customers, clients or guests. 

Currently, Norbert is helping develop an innovative micro-resort company called Felicity Resorts . Recent projects include advising Start-ups in Silicon Valley including HoppInRide and TipGenie, consulting with The Change Foundry and BalanCenter, and the rebuilding of management and morale after a period of reorganization at the Domain Hotel located near Google and Apple in Sunnyvale, California. Norbert's leadership style most recently rejuvenated the employee culture and guest experience at Dunton Hot Springs, a Relais & Chateaux property in Colorado. Before that increased the San Francisco boutique Hotel Griffin's TripAdvisor rating from 93 up to 20 and simultaneously maintained a #3 rating at the boutique, Inn At Union Square.

Norbert knows how to create the culture necessary to deliver exceptional experiences for your customers and how to drive customer loyalty and advocacy. He brings a wealth of operational, financial, sales and marketing, project management, leadership, workplace culture, service and employee engagement expertise to your business to help you thrive. Let's move the needle in a rapidly  changing world.


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